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Comlflg^Mircli 2005 

LUUJLU.^6= L_ in-r 


LhBai SHs anUif Either cnttiB Mid fflv lesetnmiipr 

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I 111. I Wi '^ 



About Photosensitive Seizures 

A very small percentoge of people moy experience a seizure when e^iposed to (erfoin visual imogesjnctuding flashing Ifght5 
or pflflems tfiat may appeor in video gomes. Even people wfio hove no hisfory of seizures or epilepsy moy fiave on 
nndiognosed condition tfiot can couse thse "photosensitive epilepfe seizures" while v^otching video gomes. 

These seizures mov tiove a variety of symptoms.induding lighttieodedness, oltered vision, eye or face twitching, [erking or 
shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, or momentory loss of ownreness. Seizures may olso couse loss of 
consciousness or convulsions ttiat con leod to injury from foiling down or striking nenrbif ohject^. 

Immediately stop ploying nnd consult o doctor if you experience ony of these symptoms. Porents should watch for or osk 
tfieir (hildieii obout the ohove symptoms - children ond teenogeB ore more likely thon cdults to experience these seizures. 

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures moy he reduced by sitting further from the television screen, using a smoller 
television screen, ploying in o welKit room, and rot pla^ng when you m drowsy or firtigued. 

If you or any of your relatives hove o history of seizures or epilepsy, consult o doctot before ploying. 

Other Important Health and Safety Information 

The Xhox Instruction Manuol contnins important heoltti and safety information thot you should reod ond unde^tond hefote 

using this soffwure. 

Avoid Damage to Your Television 

Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- of rear- projecfion types, con be domoged 

if ony video gomes, including Xbox gomes, ore ployed on them. Stoic imoges presenter! during the normal course of 
gomeploy may "burn in" to ttie screen, causing a permanent shadow of the static image to appear at oil times, even when 
video games ore not being ployed. Similar damage may occur from stotic imoges cfeoted when placing a video gome 
on hold or pouse. Consult your television owner's monuol to determine if video gomes con he ployed safely on your set. 
If you ore unable to find this informatiotr in the owner's monuol, contact your television dealer or the manufacturer to 
detemiine if video gomes con be played safely on your set. 

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, tronsmission, public performonce, rentol, poy foi play, ot circumvention of copy 

protecrion is strictly prohibited. 




Xbax Z./ve~ 

Bama Cantrals 

M)-tBt Is GI-iDBt. Recon'Z 

t^ain Menu 

PraFilHB f.. 




Sinsis Player- , J, s 


ne HUD....... ....,,.i 

:dQX Lf\/e Sign-In 


Tactnnlcal Buppart.. 




WarrBnty ai 

BaiDB Community Blac k z 1 


T3ke Tom Clanny's Ghast Rmcan^ iS Begand the Box "^~ 

: XbDX L/i/e™ is a high-speed or broadband Internet gaming GommLtnity 
whfere yau can create a permanent gamer identity, set up a friends list 
with Dther players, see when they're □ntine, and-r-eceiue invitations to 

: play games. For games in.multiplayer mode, ask yout ftiends to piay and'" 
talk fcpntliem in real-time while you play. 

OawnlaadBbte Tom Clancy's EttamT Recan' S Content " 

You can dawrtload items such as new levels, rtlissions weapons ueiiicles 
and rmre to your XbOA console, for games iwiTth downloadable content l 

Connecting / 

Before you can use Kba-Abve, you must cannecfc yqtlr'^Jfbasi 'cbnaole to a;.: 
high-speed or broadband fntemet cpnnection^and gi^ri on for the Xbox 
i-B^e service.- Te-iEfetermineif XboxfLi/e is availabJe in yDur-region and for ] 
Information about connecting to Xbox Liye.^ ga to , ■^ 

www, xbox. cotn/connect ... ....;[..■ 


Xbox Cantraller S 

Reference Map 

Mdvb / Action 

START iulian 




In Tom Clancy's Ghost RisGart'' 2, you play Captain Scott MFEchell, leaden;, 
of an efite U.S. Army untt known as the Ghosts. You lead the Giiosts Wl. 
through.a campaign in near-future North Korea, where -military leaders ":'r 
have risen in revolt. Elite units from aroiind the world are sent to 
hamstring the rogue elements and keep the conflict from spreading. 

Armed with top-of-the-line equipment, ydu'il be facing. eriemy soldiers on 
a variety of battlefields. 

Be warned: In the world of Ghost Recon. one shot can I'-JII 




The Main Menu is displayed when yau start the game. 

You can scroll through the follow/lng choices: 

• Options: Select system options to cuBtomize your 

gameplay experience. 

• Single Piayer: Start a single piayer game. 

• Multiplaver: Enter or host a multiplayer game. ..r :" '■ 

• Live Sign-In: Sign in to Xbox 1/we, 

• Profile; Create, edit, or activate a Qser 

Use the D-pad® to scroll tlirough your chotces, and the ® butie!in:-ta 

select the one you want- "' ..,,;■ ■;,. >''\ '^' 


1 ifi; 


Options ; if'jg! / 

■.In the Options^ screen, you can set;, various pr^'feraWes "for how Ghost 
Reco'6 will loidk. &nd sound on younLXbox video gaflne systBin. Use the ; 
D-pad.® to highiiight the option ydii want tD cha'R^e, Then, use left and ij 
right- on the D-pad ® to. modify the settings Press the O button to 
accept all the chenges. r 

■■;ii;:':- ^ \ 

Your profile Vete'Ve yo'tfR: history and character on tiie.Xbox video game 
system : keeps "a record ipf your gameplay stats and advancement, and 
keeps tracK olthe way you appear, in multipiayer. games, YcJUvCan have 
multiple profiies on an XboX console, but only one. prdfite:;can (^i^gfitiye -fjF;; 
at a time. Hie active profile vwJIinegister stats arid advancement as- yog ; 
play. To select a prafile, scroll through the list using the D-pad® , then 
press the © butto'nito accept. To .create a new profile, press the © button. 
To delete a profile,, highlight it and press the O button. 


Create a Profile 

The first step of profile creation is naming it. Use the left thumbstick to 
select letters and the © button to accept them , The .O button deletes 
letters. Use the triggers to Scroti through the available character sets. 
Once you've named your profile, let go of the left thumbstick. The word 
"Accept" will appefar in the centre of the screen. Press the © button to- 
accept the profile; name.: ■ 


Select a Profile 

When you select a profite, a new series of choices' appears on-screen, 
These are; 

Sets the selected profile as the current one. 

Allows you to change the soldier cfiaracter you'll be 
using in multiplayer play. 

Lets you choose a control. scheme. : • :' : 

Allows you to look at unlocked special content, 
including images and movies. 

• Game OptJans;; Allows you to set in-game options, including Auto- Aim 
InvertiLpok. Vibratiorj^Funcfeton;; View, and Voice. 

• Activate: 

• Appearance: 

• Controls: 

• Special- 


several Single Player 

;_.S.electing-Singie Player starts solo play.' There are^: 
::g!anie'mod:es available, including:.. . 

r*f: Campaign; The campaign is the contihuiiig story of the game, " 

You:can save your progress in the campaign and pick 
It up again later. 

• Quick Mission Once you've unlocked a mission, iit^taBcomes, available 

for Quick Mission play. The folio wing, game types are 
available in Quick Mission mode:] ' 

- Firefight. Take outalhitheeRiefiniss on the map. 

- Recen: ' ■ Try to- move stealthily through the map, completing 

; ...,,.•■■ :^ objectives withQut..alerting' enemy soldiers. 

- MfesKinf: Replay the iniission as a standalone, 

- Lane Wolf : Use high-tech equipment and take on -the mission solo. 
'■'■ '■' — Defend: Hold your position against waves of oncoming enemies 

• Training: Training teaches you the game skills, you'll need to 

succeed. You can go back to it to practice anytime. 

• Profile: Ynu can also access your profile from the Single 

Player menu. 


The campaign follows the Ghosts on Eheir North Korean assignment 
from beginning to end. The campaign also tracks your progress and the 
extras you've unlocked during piay, You can have as many campaigns as 
yau want, but only. one campaign can be active at a time. Progress 
recardsd in arte campaign doesn't affect the others, 
You can either start a new campaign or select one of your existing 
ones, picking up your progress where you left off. Each new campaign 
must be named, and you'!! also need td set its difficulty - Normal or- 
Hard. You can't change difficulty once it's, been set. f:- 

Quick Mission 

When you seteot Quick Mtssion, a list of avaiisble game t^rpes will 
appear on-sdi^eh. Select the. one you want, and a list of available, maps 
far that game type will be displayed, You can browse through the maps 
with the Dnpad® and.m,al<e your sele^G^on by pressing^the ® button. 
Select your difficulty. tevel. YoU'Hlirierfiyy taken to:the Action Phase, j_.:^;i!;,,jj 

The Action Phase /" \^ I [i 

in the; Action Phase, you get to pia^i'the gana/ Yau won't automatically faii:^ 
a misBfon if.tesm members go down, but-ft'll maka^the missicin more difficult. _ 



Equipment Setup 

!n the Action Rhase.iihe first thing you must doMs select the gear ycull I 
bring on the. mission. To: change the default loadout, use the D-pad % ::: 
to choose avslgt. Scf^glj through the choices with the D-pad $ to find;;. ;i; 
that- slot. P.r^m the @!lbuttDh to accept ycur choice.- When this is done,' 
hit the O duiitan agplhpff-getinto the action. _.:;. '''h{^.,/" ;., ji 

THE HUD iMfc, lfe^■:fe 

Once Che game has starte^^Pnfeads-up display .(HUD) elements 
appear. They. provide information :aboutthe.,gam6 world. 

These elements consist of; 

1 Reticule: This shews where ycur shots are going: The longer you 
aim without moving before firing., the closer to the .centre your 
reticule pips" will be, and the^mDre accurate your shots will be, The 
reticuJe a!so changes coiour when it passes over a friendly soldier. 

Squad Indicator: This shows the current health of'your squsd and 
their. current order. A box represents each scjuad member. The 
colour of the box indicates the memtbers health - green far healthy, 
yellow for wounded, red for in needpf ,a medic, and grey for Out of 
the action, :-:;:T' -, 

Radar: The. circular radar screen is centred on you. It sends out a 
pulse every time a new enemy is within range and line of sight. This 
reveals the relative positions of friendly troops and enemies. An 
objectivei highlight also appears here, indicating the direction of your 
next :targBt-. -;..;;:;;:■■;::.:;.. '--^i"' ■■ , \-:\\[--..': . 

Weapon indiestor: This shows your current weapon and amrtro :| 
count, along wrth your total ammo count. Your rate-of-fire (ROF) - 
indicator is located to your right. Tfje ^more bullets are shown, the 
highar: -your RDF will be. .;h T;,. :;;;;:=;:;■■ ivj' ■■. ■:^\' '"'^^ 

Stance and Health Indicator: This box is coiaured like the squad 
health indicators with a silhQuett& ir^'it. The silhouette shows your .. 
current stance, while the box around it indicates health status," 
Fir-e Indicator [not shown): These appear around yoiii^ f^tKute^wheR^ 

enemies; are: firing at you or at your isllies. The lacatiDn of the ■ ^ 

indfcaitDT reveals the. directjOfLi^thte fire is coming fron^,;U 
Objectiwa Indicator fnot shown}: Sometimes, ydu'll^see a highlight 
over a target or a section of terrain. This is yourobjechve indicator 
It leads you to your next goal in sNe mission. 






At times, yau may want to zoom in on a target from a distance. In 
. order to do so, clicl< the right thumbstick. Your view automaticatty 
toggles to the view you'd see through your weapon's sights. To zoom 
back out, elicit the right thumbsticl< again. Some weapons don't have a 
zoom mode. Others have multiple zoom levels, Browse through them by 
clicking the right thumbstick. 


The most important actions you undertal<e during the game are moving 
and firing. By default, the left thumbstick controls your movement, while 
the right thumbstick controls where yau look. Use these two to control 
your direction, movement, and view. 

Stance A- 

To change stance,, press, up or down 00 the D-pad,.#. Each stance has .;; 

its benefits and drawbacks; Moving uphght lets you move faster, but ysu i" 

present a larger target and are less accurate.. .When crouched, you 

move slower,, but are a striallen target and h§ve better- aim. A prone 

positisn grants yau the highest aciiuracy, hi^ the slowest movement. 

You cannot fire when you are fast-crawling. 
■ ■ • .;■ ■■*.» 


To; roll, move theMeft thumbstick all the way left or right white, prone. 
This, lets you cover ground .while presenting a smaller target ta e0,e0)tes..? 


Peeking allows you to look around corners without exposing your entire 
body. To peek, press left or right bn the D-pad# . Release tie D-pad ®^,i., 
to go back to normal stance. 


To; fire, pull the .right trigger. Depending on your ROF, holding the trigger 
down may cause you to fire repeatedly 

When throwing a grenade, holding the trigger down all the way will 
throw the grenade full strength. A light tap of the trigger will release the 
grenade in a weak, underhanded throw. 


To reload your weapon, tap the 
with a full one. 

button. This replaces your magazine 


HQF determines how many; bullets your weapon fires when you pull the 
trigger. Not all weapons have every ROF available. 

The modes include; 

• Single Shot: One bullet per trigger pull, 

• Three-Round Burst: Three bullets per trigger pull. 

• Full Auto: As long as you hold the trigger down, you'll 

keep firing. 

To change your ROF press and hold the © button. Use the.D-pad® to 
select the ROF you want. 

Change Weapons 

Different weapons: are appropriate for different situations. Tapping the :k 
® button swaps your current weapon for your pnmary weapon. If your ■ 
primary weapon is already active, you'll be equipped' with another weapon..; 

Select Weapon/Equipment 

Select Weapon allows you to pick the weapon or item you want from 
your personal arsenal. To bring up Select Weapon, press and hold the 
©button, A radial menu will appear on-screen, with .icons for each of 
your equipped items. Select an item by using the D-pad® . 

Night Vision 

To turn ntght vision on or off, tap the-© button. It allows you to see 
much better in the dark than you would normally, but it's difficult to use 
during the day 

Select HUD Optians 

□ifferer^t HUD options can be toggled on or off, depending on your preference. 
These dptiohs include; 

• Objective Indicator: Toggles the objective indicators on or off. 

• Range Finder: Toggles the range finder on pr off, 

• iFF: Toggles the IFF (identify friend or foe] indicator 

on or off. 

To select your HUD options, press and hold the © button. Select an 
option using the D-pad ® . 

• Medic: 

• Attack Vehicle: 

• Advance: 

• Regroup; 

Reference Map 

Puli and hold the left trigger to bring up the reference map. This gives 
yOLi s top-down view of the mission territory. 

Dynamic Command System 

As you look around the world, your reticule will pass over different 
objects. Some of them have commands associated with them, and 
passing your reticule over them wiil bring up an order indicator in the 
lower part of the screen. 

To order your squad to follow the current command, tap the Q button. 
Commands include: 

Provide field medicine to a wounded teammate. 

Attack a particular vehicle, 

Move to the selected spot.. 

Fall back to yo'ur position.' 

• Plant Demo Charge: Plant a demo charge ^ the selected spot. 

• Use; "-- ^«.;.„^ , ./ 

• Laze Target: 

• Protect; 

• Escort: 

Commanct Menu 

tn addition to the dynamic commands, there are some set orders yoG 
can issue tO-your team! -Press and hold the © button to bring up the 
Command menu. These orders ar»e; .. ^?./ 

• Flank Left: Move to the targeted location from the^slM^N^'^t 

• Flank Right: Move to, the targeted location from the right. 

• Hofd Position: Cancel the current order and hold position. 

• Suppress: Lay down fire on the targeted area. 

You can issue the following two orders to your team without using the 
Command menu: 

• Hold Fire; 

• Regroup: 

Use an itBrn. 
Designgte a tSFget'for an airstrike. 
Guard any friendly soldiers. 
Link up with a friendly soldier. 

Press the (White button] to make the team 
hold their fire. 

Press the % [Black button] to have the team 
reform on your position. 


Dynamic Actions 

In addftion to commanding your squad, you can perform actions yourself. 
Icons will appear when, you can perform a dynamic sction. Move the 
reticule over the desired target, and then click the left thumbstick. 
The dynamic actions are; 

• Medic: Patch up a squad member who's been wounded 

• Emplaced Weapon: Get on a mounted.machine gun and use it. 

• Plant Demo Charge: Plant a demo charge, 

• Swap Weapons; Swap your primary weapon for one from a 

downed soldier, 

• Resupply: Use a supply dump to load up on fresh ammo, 

• Clamber: Climb over or onto obstacles. 
Lane Wolf Actions 

When you play Lone Wolf mode.. you. trade your team of Ghosts for 
high-tech equipment. There are three main elements of Lone Wolf gear: 

• Gun Camera: This lets you use the gun to look around comers and fire 
without exposing yourself. Activate this. weapbn by pressing the % button: 
Use the D-pad ® to move the. camera, and the right thumbstick to aim 
it. You can deactivate it by pressing the % button again, 

• Ranged Grenades: These can be set to airburst at a specified range, 
which is useful for clearing out enemies behind cover. To use them, ' 
you need to lock in a range. When the range finder shows the desired 
distance, lock it in by tapping the © button, If the grenade hits 
somiething before-reoching that range, it-H explode on impact 
Unlocking the range causes the grenades to detonate on impact. 

• Combined Arms: This ejement lets you designate targets for airstrikes. 
To use Conbined Arms, put the reticule over the target and press the 
O button, A missile will be called in to blow up the target. 

Voice Command 

As long as your Xbox Communicator is plugged in, you can issue 
several commands by saying the appropriate voice command into the 
attached microphone. ■ 

Advance: ,,,:,.-,.., ....,,.„;,:;... "Advance" 

Flank left: „..,,,::,:...::..,. "Flank left" 

Flank right: ....„.,„..,...,. , "Flank right" 

Regroup: ,,„:....., : "Regroup" 

p.- Suppress: w. ,:„.,.,,. "Suppress" 

Hold position on: :..,...: ."Hold position" 

^^ Hold position off: ,.,,...: ,,....; "Move put" 

P^- Plant demo charge: :;;:,.,,,... ."Demo target" v 

Laze target:..., ..:,..,.. ..;:;: "Laze target" 

Use item:..:;..: .,..; "Use" -i^ :' 

Medic; :,.,. '.,..............^. "Medic" 

Attack s/ehrc!e: ,.......: /..:... /Attack vehicle" ' 

;;: Escort: ,:::.......:...:. ;, .,, ..^;:.."E§GDrt" -;si* , 

; Protect: :,/ ;;.,:..„ ::;.,... ..;.^: ,£ "S'fotect" ' 

Hold fire on: ...... ,.„.„....,.,,... ^: /..! ;. "Hold fire" 

Hold fire off; .„..,:; ."Weapons free" 

Or ■ . 

In addition, you can cOfttrol your character by issuing. some voire 
commands JTi^tead dfr/.usin-g the contnolter These include: 

Command H; ^ ,, 

Map (toggle}: :u... .;,..,.,. ."Map" 

Reload: .■ ..;..:."ReiQadt 

Switch weapons; .:.:,;. "Switch" 

Single shot: ,.,..■.,.:....::,..,. ."'Single shot" 

Burst: ......:::::■....'. ^......, ..,,., ;,..:;;.^ "Burst" 

Full auto: .:,.;. "Full auto" 

Equip primary weapon: ..:;, "Primary weapon" 

Equip secondary weapon: ."Secondary weapon" 

Equip mission-specific weapon/rocket: .. ."Mission weapon" 

Equip grenades/explosives: "Explosive" 

Night vision (toggle): "Night vision" 

Action (dynamic): 'Action" 

Action Menu 

You can pause the game by pressing the O button. This brings up a 
menu of choices that affect the state of the gam&The choices available 
vary depending on where you are in the game. 


Once you've finished a mission, you'll be taken to: the After Action Review 
(AAR] screen. This indicates your mission statistics and score. The higher 
your score, the more points you receive for unlocking extras. You can 
toggle between your stats and team stats by pressing the © button. 
From here, you can also choose to replay a mission, or proceed.. 

Save and Load 

To save a game, press the O button and then select Save from the 
menu. To save a game, you'll. either need to give it a new name or use; ;:: 
the current one. Using an existing name overwrites the current saved . 
: game. You canhave as many oh. your Xbox console as you. 
want, and you can load a saved game with any profile. ;, 

To load a game, press the O button and select Load. A list of available 
campaigns and saved games will be displayed. Scroll through this list 
with the D-pad # , and select the one you want to load with the @ 
button. Doing so will interrupt your current game and load the selected 
one instead, 

Campaign vs. Saved Game ^ 

Campaign automatically saves your progress through the sequence of 
missions. When you load a campaign, you start at the beginning of the 
first unfinished mission. You can save a. game at any moment of a 
mission:,: and a saved game can be activated with any profile. When you 
load a saved game, you start at the point in the mission where the save 
was made. 


Selecting Live Sign-In lets you connect to Xbox Live. This will record your 
scores and Give you access to Xbox Live features. If you have enabled 
Auto Sign-in on your Xbox video game system, you will automatically be 
signed in when you start the game 

Once you activate your Xfaox Live account, you have several choices, 
They include: 

• Friends List; Access your Xbox Uve friends list, 

• Players List: See a list of players from your current Xbox Uve play 
session end provide feedbacS< on them, or ask them to become a friend. 

• Team; Access team features, including the ability to create a team. You 
can only belong to one team at a time. 

• Leaderboards; Compare yourself to other players, and (earn the identity 
of the best of the best. 

• Download Content: Download new content for Ton^ Clancy's 

Ghost Recon'' 2, 

• tn-Box: Read and respond to various messages received while signed in 
to Xbox Uve. , '■ 

• Competrtians: Set up; join, or playj^ compet^ion if-YOu are a member 
of a team. t; '■''■" / 

• Sign Out: Sigri on of Xbox Uvb. 

Leadhrpaards /^ 

Tom Dancy's Ghost Recon^ 2 supportsleaderboard functionality. 
Leaderboards take two forms. Top 100 leaderboards show the top 1pO^ 
scores for a given map end game type. There are also several 
weighted, skill-based leaderboards.- These list all players, and ere ■ 
updated as you play on Xbox :t;Ve. Your ranking on these leaderboards ,| 
changes, depending an your performance against other players. 


You can also set up competitions on Xbox i'i^e. Competitions are team- ' 
based and. require that the team officer sign the team up for the 
competition, although anyone can Jsreate a competition, OnlySquad 
game types are available for competitions. 

Each side will be able to field one to four players in each match, 
depending on the options the competition creator has established, 


You can see which competitions your team is currently signed on for, or 
look for new ones, through the Xbox Li-Ve menu. You can also choose to 
host a competition, which means setting the play parameters, time of 
the competition, number of competitors allowed, and more. Not showing 
up for a scheduled competition results in a forfeit. You cant force a 
competition match to start early, and if both sides forfeit, they're both 
eliminated and their opponent for the next round gets a bye. 


IVIultfplayer mode allows you to play with or against other players. You can 
test your skills in competition or work with friends to take on At challenges. 

Entering Multiplaym^^ I 

To start Muitiplayer play, either as a game host or as a player select 
Multipiayer in the fVlain Menu,. This wtll take ybu to the Multiplayer menu, 
where ydu can choose from the foliowing options: 

• Local Pfay; Split-screen play on a single Xbox console. 

• Link Play: Link play between two or more Xbox consoles, 

• Live Ptay: Xbox Uve play 

Muitiplayer Game Types 

A variety of Multipiayer game types are available in Local Piay Link Play 
or Lfve play modes.: You can choose to. play Co-op, which pits you and 
your friends against enemy forces, working together to accompiish a 
goal. In Solo play, every. player is out for himself. Sguad game types 
allow groups of players to challenge each other. As you select which 
game type you want to play in the server settings, you will see a brief 
description of each one. 

The multiptaver game types are: 

• Co-op Defend: Work with other players to defend your base against 
Al enerhies, 

• Co-op Firefight: Work with other players to wipe out all enemies 
across the map, 

• Co-op Recon; Work with ottier players to accomplish recon objectives, 

• Co-op Mission: PJay a mission with other players as your squad. 


• Co-op Battle: Co-op Firefight with respawns enabled, 

• Co-op Garrison: Co-op Defend with respawns enabled. 

• Co-op Scout: Co-op Recon with respawns enabfed. 

• Solo Seek S Destroy: The first player to get s kill is the target. 
Becoming the target by eliminating the current one, or elinninating 
other players as the target gets you points, Get the most paints and 
you win. 

• Sola Hamburger Hill: Control the centre zone for as long as possible. 
The longer you hold it, the more popte you get. 

• Solo Last Man Standing: Be the last soldier alive on the map. 

• Solo Sharpshooter: Every man for himself as you -try td p^ck up the 

highest body. DOunt. ■jy 

• Squad Domination: Work with ynir team against other squadfe to 
control bases across thts map I he longer you hold tneri the more 
points you ^efe ; :; *' , -' 

• Squad HaniljUrger Hill: Work with yojr team to control ttie centre 
zone. The longer your team holds t, the more pcints ycin get, 

• Squad Last Man Standing: The las: team /„'ith someone still alive wins. 

• Sguad Search & Rescue: Wzrk -mVt your tcammatub against other., 
squads to bring hostages oacr. to your base. The team tnat rescue^ 
the most wins. f ; 

• Squad Sharpshooter; Eliminate the opposing teann for points. 
Respawns enabled. 

• Squad Siege: One team defends a base, and the other teani must get 
someonq; into It. Respawns disaoled. 

Local Play v- 

Local play allows Lip to four players on one Xbox console. When you 
enter Local play mode, the screen ts di'jiaed into four squares. Each 
corresponds to a controller that commands that quadrant of the screen 
once play starts. Press the ® button to activate a controller 

Link Ptatj 

Link Play lets you connect several Xbox consoles at a time and play wfth 
or against friends. The Xbox consoles must be linked either directly or 
through a network hub. 

To access Link Play select it from the Muitiplayer menu. Select your profile. 

To viewv a list of games available on your linked network. You can 
highlight one and join by pressing the O button, or press the ® button 
to create your own. 

Remember, you can play split-screen in Local Play Link Play, or Live Play 
mode, which is why you'll be given the opportunity to activate additional 
controllers in Link Play mode. 

Creating a Bame 

When you choose to create your own game, youfirst access the Game., 
Mode screen and then the Server Settings screens. You can scrollthrough 
and adjust them just as, you would for Local Play Once this is done, 
press the button to get to the Game Lobby If you're hosting the 
game, press the ® button to launch it and the game will start.: ■ 

From the Lobby you can go back to edit your ganne settings by pressing 
the O button. Other players can see the settings by pressing the O button, 
but can't change them. If you want to observe rather than play, press 
the @ button in the Lobby 

LivB Play 

Choosing Xbox Live play is just like joining Link piay except that you need 
to gd through the additional step of signing on to your Xbox /./Ve account. 

When you sign on to Xbox Live multiplayer, you'll be presientBd with 
three options; 

• Create Match: Gf^i% your own game and serve as host. 

This functions like creating a, game in Link Play 

• Quick Match: ; Let the system pick an Xbox DVe game for you and 

.get into the action immediately 

• OptiMatch: : Set up the options available to customize the type of 

game you wish to play 

Tom Cflsncv'G Ghost F^econ^ 2 Proof of Piirtjhsss. --i 

(fi 20D4 Red StDrm Entertsinment.Ai} Rij'its Reseruod. Ghost Ptecon, the Soldier Icon, Ubisoft, ubi.gom,. and the Utaisofi'''^^ 
lnr]r =irp cradeniarfc* of UbJSDft Entertainment in the U.S. and/or other countries. Bed Storm and the Red StoMn iog,- 
are t-adsmarkE of Red Storm Entert:3inment in the U.S. and/or other (jOLititrtes. Red Btorm Errtentainmant, Inc. is a 

Ubisoft EntertaMiment company. r 



To use these codes, start up a single player campaign: 
When the mission starts, pause the game and go into 
"in-game options" and go under "enter cheats" and 
enter the following: 


B, B, X, X 

God Mode (Individual) 
Pass that current mission 

r\ X'li J f ^^'^ ^ entered \ 

RetlMS used ^ multiple times J 

Team God Mode